TOTAC, the first on-line lie detection test


The lie detection test

TOTAC© is the world’s first lie detection test created and developed by ADN Research, the scientific research division of the ADN Group. TOTAC© is a scientifically-based test accessible to everyone. As with TOEFL®, used to evaluate English knowledge, or with the NSTAA©, the world’s first negotiation test, TOTAC© was developed to assess and evaluate your lie detection skills. At the end of the test, each participant receives a certificate by email including his/her score along with a detailed evaluation of performance for each area of expertise.

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A serious game

on emotional recognition

FACE ME! is the first and only serious game in the world on emotional recognition and lie detection.
The purpose of a serious game is to associate play and learn interaction in view of helping the participants evolve.
FACE ME ! is based on the scientific discoveries of Paul Ekman, whose works inspired the famous television series « Lie to Me ». As you carry out interrogations to identify the murderer, micro-expressions appear on the faces of the different suspects. It is your capacity to reveal the micro-expressions while determining the congruity compared to the suspect’s responses that will enable you to find out the assassin.